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Reunited: A Father's Love, A Daughter's Choice
You may have found my essay with the same title in Saturday's and Sunday's editions of the Dallas Morning News in the Arts and Life Section. This story is about my now five year relationship with my birth father after his 25 year... Read More


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Ways to help West, Texas
Hey all, I have created a Storify article with a comprehensive list of links and resources for those in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and beyond looking for ways to help. There may already be resources or drop off sites ... Read More

Mad Women
What's So Bad About Being Betty Draper?

By Abbie Kopf , Contributor

I’ve found a million reasons to be jealous of the women of Mad Men. As a smoker, I’m jealous that they got to smoke—inside! Or while pregnant! I love their clothes, their effortlessly effervescent hair and the way they never get red lipstick on their teeth.

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Am I A Snob if I Hire a Maid?
Best of the Blog

By Joanna Cattanach, Editor

I am thinking of hiring a maid to come to my place once a month or even bi-weekly but what does that say about me as a person? Even typing that makes me feel like a snob. I was a maid! For two summers in high school I worked as a janitor’s assistant as part of a poor kid/earn money pro... Read More


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